Momentum+ uses a well-defined training methodology that ensures all stake holders get the training they need to successfully do their jobs. Once we identify training requirements, we provide training and support for all users to make sure that everyone can use the system correctly. The training documents are created during the design and development phase of the project

The following is a sample of instructional materials we provide during training

Participant guide

Course and chapter objectives and conceptual and business process information, including task-related terms and concepts and lesson reviews.

Work instruction

Outlines the step-by-step instructions for performing a particular task within the system, including the navigation path, key fields, and data entries.

Exercise guide

Provides real-life business scenarios to allow participants to practice what they have learned in the system.

Job aid

Serves as a “cue card” or quick reference card; includes quick tips and reminders.

Training Methods

  • Hands-on Training immediately before deployment allowing users to quickly put what they have learned into practice.
  • Train-the-Trainer – Deeper level training to a designated Subject Matter Expert (SME). These individuals will serve as the resident experts.
  • Technical Training – Technical and admin training and system documentation to your IT team. 
  • Classroom Training – We hold classroom training sessions for stake holders. 
  • Conference Call Training – All our training sessions can be available via web conference for remote stake holders. 
  • Online Training – Training sessions can be recorded by video and stored on your  intranet. 

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