Why Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, customized by IGC, empowers sellers with the insight, guidance and tools to drive personal engagement with their customers

Actionable Insights

Derive meaningful intelligence from massive amounts of complex data by delivering simple to understand and act upon insights. Insights are in context of your customer relationship so that it’s easy to focus on the right priorities and drive personal engagement.

  • Lead prioritization – Prospect and build qualified pipeline using predictive intelligence to focus on the right lead. Know exactly which leads to go after with lead scoring and prioritization that show a lead’s likelihood to convert and likelihood to contact, based predictive intelligence.
  • Relationship health –  Determine health, risk and next best action, to focus on selling to the right account at the right time. Sell smarter with signals from Office 365 and Dynamics 365 that reveal relationship health, risk, and next best action, allowing your sales team to focus on the most important prospects and customers. Live, pre-built dashboards and reports have drill-through, interactive, and visual capabilities ensure that actionable insights are easily accessible so sales teams can make better, faster decisions. 
  • Product recommendation – Increase opportunity size with cross-sell recommendations tailored to your customer’s needs. Increase opportunity size while building trust with cross-sell recommendations tailored to your customer’s needs
  • Customer intelligence – Engage customers better through intelligent insights from analyzing all customer data in near-real time.

Personal Engagement

Great customer engagement allows your customers to engage with you on their terms while empowering your sellers with customer behavior, trends and potential value to build and develop customer relationships. 

  • Email intelligence – Prioritize your communications with customers that are most engaged by tracking email interactions. Tracking the interactions a recipient of your latest email, such as open, reply and if they opened your attachment, allow you to stay on top of your email and prioritize those prospects or customers that are most engaged.
  • Social selling – Share, find and connect with new companies and people to develop your contacts and generate new leads.  Find more high-quality leads by using social to identify and act on buying signals and create leads based on social posts. See a snapshot of social activities through embedded buzz volume, trends, and sentiment analysis. Reach out to new contacts through mutual connections and see response rates soar.
  • Relationship assistant– Empower the seller to personally engage and deliver business value using rich data insights. The relationship assistant empowers your sales and service teams to engage with customer delivering business value goals by having all relevant details at their disposal without having to navigate between a variety of applications.
  • Content collaboration – Reduce the time your seller spends searching for and creating personalized sales documents. Reduce the time your sales team spends searching for and creating personalized sales documents with real-time co-authoring. Work together to co-author documents, such as sales proposals, in real-time.  Provide access to the sales documents directly from the opportunities you are working on and enable simultaneous collaboration and editing of those documents. Real-time presence shows where the co-authors are working in the document. Additionally, see changes to content as they happen. Tap into the collective wisdom of the organization, whether it’s sharing meeting notes with the sales team or finding answers from experts across geographies and functions. Easily share conversations, events, notes, and documents with colleagues, even if they aren’t users of Dynamics 365 for Sales. Embedded OneNote facilitates note taking and sharing directly from within the sales application. Easily capture pictures and hand-written notes for sharing with the sales team. Relevant content comes to you based on what you are working on and who you’re are working with. No need to waste time searching for or requesting and waiting for that presentation your colleague presented recently.

Customer Management

Automate your sales processes to shorten the sales cycle, boost productivity, and reduce costs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales features a highly intuitive interface with Microsoft Office 365—embedded capabilities.

  • Opportunity management – Manage and close more deals by connecting with and delivering role-specific insight for each customer. Qualify leads and close deals quickly when you stay informed about your account with accurate 3rd party firmographics, news, and compelling events. Increase visibility and productivity with your sales channels by using Partner Hub to manage opportunities, communications, and resources. When you connect, discover, and share ideas, you close more deals.
  • Sales mobility – Sell smarter, anywhere using rich, modern mobile apps providing contextual news, social data, and task flows. Sell smarter – anytime, anywhere, even offline.  Work on the go with rich, modern mobile apps that provide contextual news, social data, and task flows for quickly completing frequent activities. Quickly manage data using intuitive natural language voice commands to create new records, schedule meetings, set reminders, and find information. Get work done anytime, anywhere with intuitive, familiar apps for tablet and smartphone that work online or offline. Get work done even when there is interruption in connectivity. Salespeople can create, update and delete records while offline. Automatic playback of offline actions helps synchronize local changes. The mobile apps provide a seamless user experience when switching between connected and disconnected modes.
  • Sales process – Optimize your sales efforts and know what steps to take next to close deals faster a guided sales process. Optimize your sales efforts with process automation and a guided sales process based on best practices. Know what steps to take next to close deals faster with embedded business process. Ease on-boarding and increase user adoption with rich, context-sensitive help and guidance across the web and mobile apps.
  • Partner management – Recruit, on-board, and strengthen your partner channel through deeper enablement and activation. Recruit, onboard and strengthen your partner channel through deeper enablement and activation. Accelerate your partnership’s time to revenue and work to reach the strategic goals of your channel strategy.  With the partner dashboard, give partners a quick view of their interactions across opportunities, cases, and other relevant information that their vendor has granted access to.

Sales Performance

Delivers insight and analytics to provide real time and historical as well as predictive and proactive information. Meet objectives and achieve your goals by motivating and energizing your entire team.  

  • Seller onboarding – Align sales behavior with contextually-rich training, walkthroughs, videos, and articles right in the app. Ease on-boarding and align sales behavior with best practices by using business process management and interactive help and documentation.
  • Sales effectiveness – Hit your numbers by setting goals, monitoring results, and providing feedback and coaching in real time. Hit your numbers by setting goals, monitoring results, and providing feedback and coaching in real-time. Quota setting and analytic dashboards allow sales managers to set goals, monitor results, investigate deviations from plan, and take corrective action. Conduct what-if analysis with immersive Excel and pre-built templates, all without leaving the business application. 
  • Reports & dashboards – Manage pipeline with pre-built, interactive dashboards and reports, advanced visualizations, and natural language Q&A.
  • Gamification – Turn work into play by letting sellers team up to collaborate and compete in fun, engaging competitions. Increase performance, productivity, and adoption of business applications with Gamification. Fun, engaging team-based competitions motivate employees to achieve pre-defined metrics and encourage more and longer participation. Hold everyone accountable by making results highly visible with web, mobile, and TV monitors. 

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