Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Methodology

Momentum+ uses a proven implementation methodology to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365. For each phase, we identify milestones, dependencies, and key deliverables. We have the breadth of experience, global resources, and tools to help drive your project to an effective implementation. We recognize that the true measure of success is not merely completing activities on a work plan, but rather it is when you are effectively using the new processes and solution across your organization.

The foundation for our implementation approach is our Enterprise Information Management™ (EIM) methodology. EIM incorporates Agile Methodology and enhances Microsoft’s Sure Step methodology by taking a 360-degree view of the in-scope areas for an implementation, addressing all the work streams associated with enterprise value generation.

Not only does the method cover project implementations throughout the life cycle, but it also covers projects from a top-down perspective—considering all of the affected disciplines that must be managed during a project implementation. These disciplines include:

Project Management Quality Management
Process and Application Organizational Change Management
Information Management  Development
Technology Deployment

This global program methodology provides a comprehensive set of activities and deliverables required to drive the information, process, application, service delivery, and technical changes necessary to increase the project’s value. EIM divides the implementation into six logical phases, starting with the vision and concluding with the delivery of the new systems, processes, and organization alignment. Having completed numerous technology implementations, we have found no two are identical, yet successful implementations do have one thing in common – the time and focus given to the project threads listed above. Technology is an enabler and not an end to itself; it is IGC’s ability to implement Microsoft products and deliver the key project objectives that distinguishes it.

The EIM Method will offer value to you by Delivering:

Improved Quality High-quality projects result from using standardized best practices and deliverables.
Reduced Risk Standardized processes facilitate best practices and lessen exposure to risk.
A scalable Solution Adaptability is built into the solution to account for business growth and evolution.
A Business-Driven Solution A technical solution is integrated with business processes that support the solution.
Enhanced Response Time Accelerated deliverables allow more flexibility and speed in responding to business needs.
Reduced Search and Development Best practices allow for less resources and time spent on search and development—there is no need to “reinvent the wheel.”
Reusability EIM can be used in future projects to aid in achieving a more streamlined and structured implementation process

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