Why Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

Every interaction matters in customer service. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, customized by IGC, will help you build loyalty with your customers or constituents, by creating effortless service experiences.

Omni-Channel Engagement

Enable end-to-end customer service engagements across self and assisted service channels, including field service when there is a need for onsite help. A unified platform ensures context across channels and engagements, delivering personalized and consistent service with minimal customer effort.

Omni-channel engagement enables holistic view of the customer, delivering important insights for tailored offers and services. Consolidated disparate systems and unified data silos, redesigned core processes increase efficiency and effectiveness

  • Unified platform – Offer a unified service experience across self-service and assisted service channels.
    • Unified across self-service, assisted service and field service
    • Create, route and resolve tickets from across social networks including: FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram
    • Deliver social posts to the right agent using sentiment, keyword, language & ensure consistent social engagement
    • Provide proactive engagement with customers by delivering social posts to the right agent using sentiment, keyword, and language.
    • Listen to what people are saying globally across the web in 19 languages
  • 360 customer view – Understand customer history, preferences and voice of the customer to personalize every interaction.
    • Understand customer history, preferences and feedback
    • Use real-time & historical insights to personalize every interaction
    • Gain voice of the customer insight with feedback & surveys that provide general sentiment, contextual feedback & transactional understanding
  • Personalized engagement – Leverage insights and resources to create individualized and consistent experiences across channels.
    • Leverage insights and resources to provide individualized and consistent experiences across channels
    • Understand what your customer has already viewed and searched before they ever reach an agent. Provide agents with a rich understanding what customers have already done so they can instantly provide value to every interaction.
    • With real-time & historical activity, real-time chat translation, route to previous agent and contextual article recommendations

Our solution enables end-to-end service engagements through any channel and using any device. Our unified platform ensures context across channels and engagements, delivering personalized service with minimal customer effort. This includes self-service and agent assisted channels, as well as machine to machine scenarios that leverage IoT and social channels. In fact, we can use machine learning to detect sentiment and intent on social posts, and then automatically create cases and route them to an appropriate agent queue. Our solution provides agents a complete 360-degree view of the customer, including full history of interactions and case history, user preferences, and relevant customer information from third party back-office applications.

We can also use Voice of the Customer capabilities to capture customer feedback from personalized surveys, and use the results of those surveys to provide insight into net promoter scores. It’s important to recognize that an omni-channel solution is more than just a multi-channel solution. An omni-channel solution enables consistent and complete customer information to be shared across channels to ensure consistent experiences across all engagements, regardless of the number or variety of channels leveraged during the course of a single service request or throughout the customer lifetime.

Self-Service and Communities

Empower the increasing majority who prefer to find answers on their own through self-service and community options. Provide branded self-service options that deliver consistent, up-to-date answers and personalized information, and a community experience to connect with peers and subject matter experts. Make it easy for customers to solve issue on their own.  Provide a customizable online support portal that leverages an organized, searchable knowledgebase to deliver real-time updates, consistent answers to service questions and product and service information and documentation.  

  • Branded experience – Provide personalized self-service options that deliver consistent answers, and a community to connect with peers and subject matter experts.
    • Create a seamless branded experience or unique portals for multiple brands from a single deployment
    • Create a consistent branded experience or create unique portals for each one of your multiple brands through configuration not code from a single deployment.
  • Localized & extensible – Minimize customer effort with targeted, relevant service from anywhere on your brand site or 3rd party site.
    • Minimize customer effort with targeted relevant service
    • Access to service from anywhere on a brand site, 3rd party site (community portal, kiosk or inside a game).
    • Provide comprehensive self-service directly from your Facebook fan page
  • Contextual – Offer simple navigation to the right answers and resources from any device, including customer escalations to agent support.
    • Simple navigation to the right answers or resources including customer escalations to agent support.
    • Recognize mobile users instantly & deliver real-time, personalized service on any mobile operating system & device
    • Surface answers from the very first touch with type ahead search and maximize self-service success by recommending articles before a case is submitted.

Our solution empowers the increasing majority of online consumers – 84%, in fact – who prefer to find answers on their own through self-service and community options. With our portal, customers get a branded, personalized experience that leverages an organized, searchable knowledge base to deliver consistent, up-to-date answers. And we provide a community experience for peer-to-peer support or direct interaction with subject matter experts. Communities are also a great place to build customer loyalty through ideation forums, which can give customers a real sense of ownership.  There’s been an 81% increase in the use of online forums and communities for self-help, and so providing this platform is important. And communities are a great way to widen your available pool of experts and grow your knowledge base. Our portal capabilities provide simple navigation with case deflection capabilities, optional federated search results for any combination of relevant knowledge articles, social posts and blogs, and seamless transitions between self and assisted support.

Agent Enablement

Empower agents with a single, unified experience to speed resolution and provide differentiated levels of support. A role-tailored experience delivered through a single dynamic interface contextually serves up the tools, guidance and data agents need to provide a more personalized, effective standard of service.

  • Role driven – Drive the next best action through a visual user interface that delivers role tailored experiences for tiered agents and support leads.
    • Visual user interface delivers role tailored experiences for tiered agents and support leads; optimized to drive to the next best action
    • Reduce agent effort with a single, extensible application to handle all service interactions in a single place. The Unified Service Desk provides a single (composite desktop), dynamic interface that contextually serves up the tools, guidance and data to your agents from any resource you deem useful.
    • Expand your notion of an agent by giving agents and supervisors the freedom of mobility and extending the reach of your contact center across your organization anywhere, anytime.
  • Intelligent case management – Speed resolution with machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities, and a dynamic interface that guides agents through every interaction.
    • Manage cases faster & provide differentiate levels of support with integrated knowledge, SLA, scripting, workflow, entitlements and recommendations
    • Manage your cases faster – from your desktop or mobile and enable your agents to deliver world class case management while providing differentiated levels of support with guided workflow, integrated knowledge, entitlements and SLAs
    • Increase agent effectiveness with call scripting and a proactive user experience that will launch information assets or third party data and applications to provide rapid and accurate service resolution. (Increase agent effectiveness with call scripting, policy adherence with a proactive & process driven user experience)
  • Collaborative – Avoid escalations by harnessing the knowledge of peers and subject matter experts both inside and outside the service organization.
    • Harness the knowledge of your peers with Yammer and Skype
    • Speed resolution of even the most challenging issues with instant access to support professionals and subject matter experts across internal and external teams with Yammer & Skype.

Even though most of us prefer to solve issues on our own, we still rely on agents for the really tough issues we can’t solve on our own. So if I’m an agent, a disproportionate number of the questions coming into my queue are getting harder and harder for me to solve. In fact, there’s been a 12% decline in first call resolution since 2009. As an agent, if I don’t have the tools and resources I need to address those tough cases, I will be frustrated and overwhelmed because I’m not empowered to be successful in my job. As a customer, I am frustrated as well. Given the circumstances, both the agent and the customer are likely to leave the brand in search of better experiences.

Agents using our solution are empowered with a single, unified experience that can be delivered on their desktop or mobile device. From this single application interface, they can access every source of information they need – including third party data and applications – to provide a more personalized and effective service. Throughout every interaction, a role driven dynamic interface contextually serves up tools, guidance and data to agents so they can be more effective. Integrated knowledge, SLAs, agent scripting, workflow, entitlements, and recommendations help agents manage cases faster, and collaboration tools connect agents with peers and subject matter experts across internal and external teams to help speed resolution and avoid escalations.

Advanced analytics and machine learning scenarios also help agents solve cases faster by surfacing relevant knowledge articles and related cases during the course of solving an inquiry – meaning successful outcomes of previous cases can be leveraged to help solve new cases faster, and every agent benefits from each successful resolution. Learning Path is another great agent enablement tool, which provides context sensitive guidance to help new users navigate the application and perform tasks specific to their role. All of these agent enablement tools decrease resolution times, increase first call resolution rates, decrease training time, and empower agents to provide differentiated levels of support.

Unified Knowledge

Equip customers and frontline staff with a definitive single source of truth through unified knowledge. Ensure knowledge is relevant by capturing and publishing across your content channels while measuring impact and opportunities to grow your knowledge base through rich analytics.

  • Unified content – Deliver the right answers at the right time across all service channels from a single source of truth. Consistent access to the knowledge base within each transaction across self-service, contact center, social and mobile
  • Simple management – Capture and author content from social channels, service interactions and experts, then optimize for discovery.
  • Actionable reports – Eliminate escalations with rich content and a clear path to optimize and grow your knowledge base.

Service Intelligence

Identify trends, anticipate opportunities and gain insights using rich analytics. Explore what-if scenario’s and forecast outcomes through interactive charts and powerful data visualization capabilities. Our solution empowers employees at every level of the organization to have a positive and meaningful impact on business outcomes.

  • Interactive dashboards – Provide real-time views of key service metrics through fully customizable, interactive dashboards.
  • Customer insight – Deepen customer insight and identify business opportunities by tracking and correlating customer satisfaction with service metrics.
  • Trends and forecasting – Identify trends, explore scenarios, and forecast outcomes to reduce effort scores, improve performance and identify best practices.

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